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EVIZ GP Final Won by NM Ng Tze Han!!

EVIZ Grand Prix Final was held in EVIZ Training Center on 4 and 5 Jun. 8 players invited and another 8 places are opened to public.

The invited players are those gather highest Grand Prix points and they are:
And the other 8 places were taken up by :
Photos to illustrate the tournament :
Round 1 starts at 2pm, Table 2 Lim ZhiZhun vs Lim Wei Sheng 0-1
Round 1 Table 5, Chua Kian Meng vs Chew Ge Yin 1-0
Round 2 Table 1, Chin Yi Hao vs Ng Tze Han 0-1
On Sunday morning, Round 3 starts at 9am with seeded players fighting in the top 3 table.
Round 4, in EVIZ training room 1 – win needed to face off with the seeded players.
Round 4, in EVIZ training room 1 – win needed to face off with the seeded players.
Ng Ern Yi found his slightly passive opening play was aggressively attacked by Tze Han.
Round 6, Sim Jia Ru putting up a good fight against Ng Tze Han but is not enough to stop Tze Han from taking the title.
Prize giving by organizer, Mr. Tan Eu Hong :
6th placing is Ng Ern Yi.
Chin Yi Hao over take Ng Ern Yi with his last round win and take 5th placing.
Sim Jia Ru play is very consistent and rightfully she took the 4th placing.
Lim Wei Sheng helps to award 3rd placing RM120 Tan Eu Hong as he can’t give prizes to himself :D
Lim Wei Sheng finished with 5 over 6 and is runner up for the first EVIZ Grand Prix chess tournament.
Ng Tze Han is a class above the rest – finished with 5.5 over 6 and deservedly the champion of the first EVIZ GP chess tournament!
All winners taking a group photo with Chief Arbiter PS Lim. Congratulations!
Full result can be obtain from : http://chess-results.com/tnr225367.aspx?lan=1
EVIZ Chess
6 June 2016