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EVIZ U18 and U12 Tournament on 31Jan

On 31 Jan, EVIZ Training Center organize a 10mins + 5sec chess tournament. This is the second mini chess tournament organized in Jan. The tournament is for U18 and the prizes are divided to U18 and U12.

PS Lim receiving registration fee payment from players
Round 1 : Chan Wei Zhi vs Theng Pei Yi on table 9. On far left corner, in red, is top seed Lee Yee Wey.
He does look a bit like FM Nicholas Chan, doesn’t he?
Last game to finish always get a lot of attention...
Jayden Lau(red) and Tan Yik Shen(grey) helping Tan Eu Hong on arranging medals.
Who is who? Round 7 Table 3, twin Lim Wen Ci vs Lim Wei Tian. (and Table 4, Lim Le Jeff vs Lee Xin Ern).
Players helping to keep chess equipment. If you look at the clock on the wall, the tournament finished at around 5pm
Lim Zhi Zhun is the overall and U18 Champion