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Ryan Chan won EVIZ Grand Prix 1 2016

The EVIZ Grand Prix Series consists of three tournaments that are being held on 28 Feb, 1 May and 7 May. Players will need to fight for the grand prix points in order to be invited to the final on 4 and 5 Jun.
EVIZ Grand Prix Leg 1 has many top players participations lead by NM Ng Tze Han; a hands full junior national players such as Ryan Chan, Chua Jia-Tien, Sim Jia Ru, state players and MSSPP/MSSM players. A very tough tournament but a good one for training/raising one’s own standard.

Photos to illustrate the tournament:
PS Lim preparing while the kids waiting anxiously for first round.
Scene from Round 2, Table 4 to Table 12 – full concentration expect Eshwant...
Goh Jie Yi(front) and Nurul Akma(back) won the first and second prize for U12G respectively.
Scene from Round 3, Table 13 to Table 19 – Yes, PCA committee Madam Teoh is in the battle field!
The titans met in round 4 : Tan Eu Hong vs NM Ng Tze Han ends in a draw.
The critical last round, Ryan Chan vs Khoo Chang Ghee, both with 4 points needed a win to secure the championship as NM Ng and Eu Hong are at 3.5.
Who could come out on top?
Winners from the U12 Group. From Left :Eu Hong(organizer), Zhi Zhun(3rd), Care Greene(Champion), Ming Yang(5th), Yu Hang(2nd), Yuan Hui(4th), PS Lim(Arbiter), Jie Yi(Champion) and Nurul Akma(2nd).
Winners from the U18 Group. From Left :Dao En(2nd), Jia-Tien(Champion), Jia Hui(3rd), Jing Xuan(Champion), Yu Zhe(2nd), Norazwan(organizer), Manresh(3rd), PS Lim(Arbiter) and Eshwant(4th).
Best ‘Lady’ won by 11 year-old Sim Jia Ru.
And the overall champion goes to the 14 year-old Ryan Chan(in yellow) with perfect 5/5! He received a medal, RM100 and 200GP points for his effort.
Group photo from open sections’ winner :From Left : Eu Hong(2nd), Tze Han(3rd), Chang Ghee(4th), Ryan Chan(Champion), Norazwan(Organizer), Rafiqquzaman(5th) and Arbiter PS Lim
The battles are very entertaining as many games are hard fought. It is very satisfying to have organized such a ‘high standard play’; and I believe the top finishers are very glad of their performance while those who did not win prizes will notice their shortcomings or ‘strong’ is the Penang Players! Those who miss GP1 will have to fight for GP point in Leg 2 and Leg 3, so that they can enter the final where it is perhaps the strongest tournament among the local in Penang. (Full result can be obtain at : http://chess-results.com/tnr209881.aspx?lan=1)
29 Feb 2016
PS Lim