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EVIZ GP3 2016 won by Tan Jia Xuan

The EVIZ Grand Prix Series consists of three tournaments that are being held on 28 Feb, 1 May and 7 May. Players will need to fight for the grand prix points in order to be invited to the final on 4 and 5 Jun.
EVIZ U18 Grand Prix Leg 3 was held in EVIZ Training Center on 7 May and relatively low players turn up to the event due to school exam is coming. Nevertheless, some players do take this opportunity to fight for a place in Grand Prix final.

Photos to illustrate the tournament:
Board 1 – 3 is at main lobby where top 3 boards featuring Tan’s sisters!
The remaining boards are in Training Room where they must win to try to face the Tan’s sisters.
Top seed Tan Jia Yun’s thinking post
Second seed Tan Jia Xuan’s thinking post.
12 years old Lee Kok Tsan is the only one who can take a point out of the Tan’s sisters.
Chew Ge Yin and Tan Jia Jin pondering on their next move.
First timers, Ng Lit Yuan fall into scholar’s mate (then learned it from his opponent later), while his brother Ng Jin Herr still in the fight. Arbiter PS Lim keep his eyes on the games as the venue is separated into 2 portions.
Round 5 Table 8 and 9 – the U18s win
Round 6, Table 2 Lim Cheng Lun vs Tan Jia Yun 0-1 while Table 3 Yam Chen Huai drew with Lee Kok Tsan
Low Yi Xuan last round win put her in U12G first place.
U12B Champion is Lee Kok Tsan who perform very well in this tournament.
Tan Jia Xuan wins against her top-seed-sister in round 4 leads her to win U18G and overall champion!
11 years old Lim ZhiZhun manage to overcome the older players and take the champion of U18B
All winners taking a group photo with Chief Arbiter PS Lim. Congratulations!
Full result can be obtain from : http://chess-results.com/tnr220838.aspx?lan=1